Answered On Last Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Can I print/copy/scan at the library? If so how?

Printers are located on every floor of the library. Each printers can print, copy and scan. To use the printer you need to login - the first time you do this you'll need to register with your university credentials. Your ID card will then be linked to your login, meaning that in future, logging into the printer can be done with a simple swipe of your card.

If you need to top up your credit, you can do so via Papercut. Scanning is free.

Please refer to our IT portal pages for help with printing, copying and scanning if you need more assistance. Alternatively, if you encounter any further issues whilst using printers in the library please ask a member of staff.

As long as you comply with the copyright legislation you can photocopy or scan physical resources (books, journals etc).