Answered On Last Updated: Sep 09, 2020

When I print, why doesn't it show on the printer?

When you print something, you can collect it from any printer in the building by logging into the printer and selecting 'held jobs'. See our FAQ on printers for more guidance.

If you select print and nothing shows up in your held jobs, firstly check that the printer you chose was called 'UorPrint'. If you cannot see this printer when you try to print something, please let staff know and try another computer. 

If you choose 'UorPrint' and the print job still does not show, please contact the IT Team by logging a ticket through the Service Desk (the link is at the bottom of the student portal).

If you tried to print from your own device, check the 'Printing, Copying and Scanning' page on the IT section of the portal, or our Wifi Printing guide. Full information on how these services work can be found on our printing from another device FAQ.

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