Answered On Last Updated: Aug 19, 2020

What can we eat and drink in the library?

The Library floor food guide is:  

Lower Ground Café: Enjoy our café selection or bring your own snacks 
Ground Floor + Floor 1: cold snacks welcome  
Floor 2 + Floor 3: Food-free zones (don't forget to take regular breaks when studying) 

If what you're eating disturbs other users (smelly, greasy, messy, noisy etc.) we may ask you to move to another area or take it outside the Library. 

Please note take-away (including from the campus diners) cannot be brought into the building. Please use The Quad /The Reef in Southlands or Digby Diner instead.

For more information, visit the Library Rules and Regulations section of our website.

Help us keep the Library clean and be mindful of fellow students. 


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