Answered On Last Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Where can I go to socialise?

The Library building is now open for Roehampton students, alumni and staff. Please note, some of our services have been temporarily adjusted, please see our Library Building is Open information page for up to date information.

As per Government advice, some of these alternatives spaces may also not be open due to Coronavirus. Should you wish to visit one of these during this time we advise that you check opening times with library staff via chat or by email in the first instance.

As the library is a study space for students to focus on their work, if you want to socialise with friends you can head to any of the food catering outlets or alternative spaces on campus, such as the college kitchens.

As any takeaways and fast food (including from the on-campus outlets) must be eaten outside the library, you can eat these in the college kitchens or on-campus outlets (apart from the Library Cafe).  You can find more information on our food policy on our website. There is a college kitchen at the following locations:

  • Southlands Reef
  • Digby Den
  • Whitelands Sett

In these areas you’ll find microwaves, fridges, soft seating, dining tables and lockers.