Answered On Last Updated: Jul 08, 2020

How do I export my items from the Library Catalogue into RefWorks?

UR Library Search 'Cite' button

The Cite button gives you an option to generate a reference, or export the reference to a reference management like RefWorks.

The Cite button is available for individual search records. You can also generate reference lists for any lists or items you have created and saved for 'My Items'. 

Once you have selected the button you will be given various options.

Cite a Record on UR Library Search appearance

Copy a citation - Use the drop-down menu under Copy a citation to choose the reference in the style you wish to generate. You can then copy and paste into your own document.

Export to RefWorks - Use this link to export the citation information into RefWorks. When you select this link you will be asked to log in to RefWorks. To use this function you need to have created a RefWorks account first. See our RefWorks guide for more information on creating an account and the benefits of using RefWorks to manage your references.  

There is also the function to export to EndNote, and as a RIS file to use with Mendeley. The library subscribes to and provides support to students for using RefWorks, but not other reference management tools.

NOTE: The citation generated using UR Library Search and RefWorks may not be completely accurate as it is an automated process. Students should always check the citations and references that are generated to ensure that they are accurate before submitting work.

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