Answered On Last Updated: Sep 15, 2021

What do I do if there isn't a digital copy of a book I want?

If you have searched for a digital version of a book, chapter or journal on your resource list and found it is unavailable, we suggest you contact the relevant module convener or your Academic Guidance Tutor to get advice on a good alternative to the source that you were seeking.

The Academic Achievement Librarians may also provide you with some suggestions for finding alternative sources using UR Library Search, the library catalogue.

  • Search for other sources by the same author; they may have written other articles and books on the same subject.
  • Use the Subject Headings for the book to find sources on the same topic.
  • Check your Subject Resources page. This page lists databases and sources relevant to the subject, where you might search for alternatives.
  • Complete our "Suggest an eBook" form.

Discovering material beyond your reading list is an important skill at university, and it is generally beneficial to your studies to read as widely as possible.

If you would like any further help with finding an alternative source or further readings, please contact the AATeam via email or book into a 20 minute online tutorial.

Tips for using the UR Library Search to find alternative sources

Search by Author

When you search for an item with UR Library Search, select the author's name (underlined in yellow in the screenshot) to find more resources by that author.

Author's names are located directly below the item title on UR Library Search


Search by Subject

When you select a record and, you will find a list of relevant 'subjects' links for that resources. Selecting a subject term link will take you to a list of resources that have been labeled with that relevant subject term.

Subjects list for each source record

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