Answered On Last Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Can I print using my own paper in the Library?

If you want to print something on your own paper in the Library you can using the MP (Multi-Purpose) tray on our printers, but you might need to take a couple of extra steps.  The MP tray is a separate part of our printers that lets you use your own paper - you can find it on the right hand side of the printer as you look at it.  

You will need to pull it down from below the black handle before you use it, and insert the paper you want to use.

A hand pulling out the MP tray located on the right side of the printer. It is light grey and is located directly beneath the black section.Paper in the open MP tray - the MP tray is almost fully horizontal when completely pulled out, and the paper is in a portrait orientation.

When you put the paper in, a message should appear on the printer screen asking you to confirm the detected paper - this means when you print, it should automatically use the paper you've inserted.
Screenshot of the popup message on the printer screen when paper is detected in the MP tray. The pop up shows the type of paper and size detected in the MP tray,

You can also guarantee your work will print using this tray by selecting it before you send your document to print from one of the library PCs. You do this just before printing by going to 'Printer Properties', then 'Paper'. Under 'Source' you should then select 'MP Tray'. You may only get these options you try and print from a desktop Microsoft Office application, for example Word or Excel, rather than a PDF document or when printing from the web Office applications.

If you are photocopying a document, you can also select the MP tray before copying your item.

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