Answered On Last Updated: Jan 26, 2024

Why has my digitisation request been rejected?

Digitisation requests may be rejected for the following reasons:

  • Our CLA Higher Education Licence does not allow us to scan from the publication requested (probably because the copyright holder does not permit it).
  • The extract(s) requested exceed the limit we are allowed to scan.
  • The library already has access to the extract electronically (e.g. an ebook is available).
  • We have been unable to obtain a scan of the requested extract.
  • The request is a duplicate.
  • Due to demand, we can only provide digitisations for readings marked as Essential on the resource list.
  • Incomplete requests may be rejected, if they are missing essential information such as chapters/page numbers.

If any of these reasons apply, you will be contacted via email with full details of the rejection. Please contact the Academic Engagement Librarian Team if you have any queries.

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