Answered On Last Updated: Jun 14, 2024

What does it mean when there are different eBook license models?

Single or multiple seat user licences allow for consecutive access based on licences purchased. Students will be turned away if the book is in use by another user.  May be licensed in perpetuity, or on an annually renewable basis.

Credit models most commonly 200-400 per year, allow for access until the number of credits is used up.

Subject collections – the publisher aggregates titles in a collection and these titles are only available as eBooks, when the whole collection is purchased. Annually renewable or in some cases a one-off purchase of archives.

eTextbooks model is a title not available under the previous models and cost is based on the number of students using a title for a specific course or module. Essentially this emulates a model where the publisher sells a copy to each student, but the University pays.  More and more eBooks are now only available to libraries under the eTextbook model.

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