Answered On Last Updated: Jul 09, 2024

I have used AI in my work, how do I reference it?

For guidance on when you are permitted to use generative AI tools in your academic work, always refer to your lecturers' instructions and your assessment briefs. 

When it is permitted, generative AI tools such as ChatGPT must be used honestly and transparently. In other words, AI should not be used to generate all or part of any academic work you submit as your own.​

If you do include AI-generated material in your work, you should cite the AI tool you used in the same way you would any other source. This acknowledgement will ensure that you do not present the AI-generated material as your own. For more detail on how to cite and reference AI, see the relevant Cite Them Right guidance (note: when following the link you will need to sign in and then select guidance that applies to the referencing style relevant to you).

For more information see our ​Video Guide to AI, the PDF guide below, and this useful Cite Them Right guidance

Remember that AI tools are known to ‘hallucinate’, i.e. make things up and get things wrong. It is therefore essential that you are critical of AI-generated information, and that you corroborate it with reliable academic sources.

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