Answered On Last Updated: Jul 09, 2024

Why can’t I access the item I want in a database, if the university subscribes to it?

This is usually because we only subscribe to some, not all, of the database content. Some providers offer separate subscriptions to different aspects of their content; for instance, they may have e-books and e-journals in separate packages, but we only subscribe to one. However, all their content is hosted on the same platform, so when you access a Roehampton subscription it will show you everything they offer, whether or not we subscribe.

You may be able to access the same item via a different provider. It is always worth checking on UR Library Search in addition to the database platform. If it is still not available, you can request it via Inter Library Loan.

To restrict your search results to items you can access, look for the option to filter your results by Roehampton subscribed content only. This usually say something like  “Only show content I have access to”.

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